Monday, November 30, 2009

Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Add On Wheel--Maybe Not the First Zhu Zhu Acessory You Should Buy

You'd think I'd be sick of Zhu Zhu Pets by now.  But they're such a hot item this year, I just can't sleep in the Bradley Bed without telling you everything I know about the Zhu Zhu Pets Add On Hamster Wheel.  (Don't worry--it won't amount to more than 500 words.)

If you're one of my five readers, you already know that the little Zhu Zhu guys can run all around your house in a protective ball, and can even jump in and start their own cars.  But did you know they can also jump on a wheel?

Zhu Zhu hamster wheel is a balanced part of any electronic rodent environment.

This is the one Zhu Zhu pets add on toy that I think you definitely should not buy as a first accessory.  After all, how much fun will it be to see your hamster just run around on it all the time?

I don't actually have one of these wheels.  I can only guess that the little electronic rodent gets on it for a little while (it does crawl through the tube and get on the wheel all by itself) and then gets back off and...drives its little car?  Runs across the floor?  I don't know.  I'm just betting it needs to do something other than spin on its little wheel all night.

I'm sorry if that doesn't sound exciting, but seriously folks, these things are selling like hotcakes and stores literally cannot keep them on the shelves.  Honestly it's something I can understand, the Zhu Zhus are pretty cute and pretty fun.

But the wheel, I'm sorry, I am lost here.  I think that maybe it's just part of any complete Zhu Zhu Hamster set.  But personally, I would go for the much more reasonably themed Zhu Zhu Pets Surfboard and Sleep Dome.  Because somehow, that just makes more sense.

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