Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mindflex Promotoes Telekinesis in Young Adults--News at 11

How can I express how excited I am about the new Mindflex Game game from Mattel?  I can't do it with words--but maybe I can hurl a ball at you with my mind!

Mindflex is a game that allows you to levitate and move a ball with the power of  your mind--and a little help.  The Mindflex strip actually reads your freakin brainwaves.  Crazy, huh?

That's almost an exaggeration.  It doesn't read your thoughts like a book (and even if it did, it couldn't tell anybody).

What it does is measure your brainwave activity with a headstrap that uses EEG technology to measure your concentration.  The more you concentrate, the more powerful the fans will move your little blue ball.

Here is an example of Lenny the Wonder Wizard before go out to drink Wild Turkey:

Lenny's sober brainwaves power Mattel's Mindflex game before we go drink Wild Turkey.

As you can see, this thing's got potential.  It's perfect for freaking young kids the hell out, and it's a great toy if you're a young bookish sort who always looses at family holiday arm wrestling matches (not that I've ever been there). 

(There is also a half-price Star Wars version of this game--or this kind of game--I'll have to tell you about really soon.)

There is one myth about the Mindflex game that ought to be dispelled, though.  I've read it said that the game amplifies your brain waves in order to move a ball around.  That sounds exciting but it just ain't so.

It measures your brain's output and controls the base's fans (the ones that blow to move the ball) accordingly.  Just wanted to clear that up--maybe someday you'll see me on Penn and Teller!

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