Sunday, November 29, 2009

Zhu Zhu Pets Add On Garage

In case you haven't noticed, I’m thoroughly fascinated with electronic rodents.  And because I like it when said rodents own and drive lots of cars, I’m also fascinated b the Zhu Zhu Pets Add On Garage.

Why?  Because there is only one thing more sickly-cute fascinating than an furry electronic hamster.  And that's one of the little faux-crawlers driving a hamster-powered sedan is what.  And you damn well know it is.

WTF is he saying?  Something about electronic nuggets, I'm sure.

With the Zhu Zhu Pets Add On Garage, your furry bundle of artificial intelligence can cruise around their Hamster Habitat world or across your living room floor. Either way, the zoomy cuteness will have your kids smiling from one candy-coated cheek to the other on Christmas morning.

 When your Zhu Zhu Pets comes down the connecting tunnel towards the Zhu Zhu Pets Add On Garage, the garage door magically opens, your Zhu Zhu Pets hops into the hamstermobile and away they zoom!

The Zhu Zhu Pets Add On Garage comes with a hamster garage, a hamstermobile and a tunnel section with connectors.  The garage door opens when the toy reaches the end of its magic rodent tunnel; then the little guy gets into the hamstermobile all on his very own, and rides away like nothing crazy just occurred!

This one looks intent.  Guess he's posing hardcore for his first photo shoot.

As you can already guess, you can hook the garage up to any one of the thirteen hamster habitats the company sells over at Amazon.

So go ahead and get your kids a Zhu Zhu Pets Add On Garage.  Because there's nothing quite like seeing an electronic rodent drive a car.  And you don't even have to take drugs to see it.

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