Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Tolo Toys Rolling Ball Shape Sorter Won't Kill Your Kid

It is a fact acknowledge at all points East of the Mississippi, and most points West, that a brand spankin new child in possession of a brain must be in want of some badass toys.  Enter The Tolo Toys Rolling Ball Shape Sorter

(And then get your niece and nephew to say it five times real fast with full mouths at the Thanksgiving dinner table.  It's a riot!)

I mean really, which would you prefer if you were a baby: any old sock with cat-hair sewn into it and turned into a "sock monkey" via magic marker--or a little magic ball with entry points for stars, triangles, moons, and three other shapes (including a pentagon, in case you want your child to someday work at the Pentagon/worship Cthulhu).

Personally, I would've enjoyed a sock Cthulhu.  But I'm special.

The wife says that little Bam Bam is going to need toys that are educational.  I guess watching Sesame Street and reading aloud the poems of Clark Ashton Smith just don't count in this "new age of education."

It seems like every kid gets some kind of "shape sorting" toy early on.  Being a toy brand loyalist, I was going to get the Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First blocks.  Then I read the top review for it.

Apparently, the Fisher-Price toy had a toxicity warning on it for a while.  Now it doesn't--yet FP says that nothing has changed in the manufacturing since '07.  So... I just figured I'd steer clear.

And you know what?  I like the idea of a globe over a more conventional one-way-to-stack it ectangle.  A sphere is more engaging and keeps the mind constantly moving and at attention.  That's something that everybody needs in this day and--oh, look, it's a bird!

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